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  • Coordination Services

    Agency: Central Iowa Community Services

    CICS offer Coordination Services to those with mental health or intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Each county offers a service coordinator to assist with applications for Medicaid, food assistance, housing, childcare assistance, Social Security and other human/social services that are available in the community. CICS can direct ind...

  • Crisis Services

    Agency: Central Iowa Community Services

    CICS offer Crisis Services to anyone experiencing a crisis. Crisis services include: 23-Hour Crisis Observation services provide support to individuals in a setting that is secure and protected, medically staffed and a psychiatrically supervised treatment environment to stabilize the situation and better assess any additional levels of care.  24-Ho...

  • Mental Health Education Services

    Agency: Central Iowa Community Services

    CICS offer Mental Health Education Services to emergency responders, service providers and to the public. CICS works to facilitate discussions between emergency responders, providers and communities to better educate individuals and groups about the causes and nature of mental health and intellectual disorders. Can also help fund provider trainings...

  • General Assistance

    Agency: Central Iowa Community Services

    The General Assistance Office in Hardin County providestemporary emergency financial assistance tofamilies and individuals for shelter, utilities, prescriptions, necessary medical transportation and burial/cremation expenses.

  • The Phoenix Center Mental Health Drop In Center

    Agency: Central Iowa Community Services

    Offers a place for those with a mental illness to find support with others who have experienced a mental health concern. The mental health drop in center provides support and fellowship and offers group activities to those that come in. 

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