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  • Government Services

    Agency: City of Urbandale

    CITY OF URBANDALE government contacts:
    City Hall, 3600 86th Street, (515) 278-3900
    Community Development, 3600 86th Street, (515) 278-3935
    Engineering, 3600 86th Street, (515) 278-3950
    Fire Station # 41, 7100 Douglas Avenue
    Fire Station # 42, 3927 121st Street, (515) 278-3970
    Library, 3520 86th Street, (515) 278-3945

  • Law Enforcement Services

    Agency: City of Urbandale

    URBANDALE POLICE DEPARTMENT offers law enforcement services to the Urbandale community. 

  • Recreation Services

    Agency: City of Urbandale

    URBANDALE PARKS & RECREATION includes a variety of activities for youth and adults on a year round basis: swimming lessons, open swims, water exercise, wading pools, fitness swims, arts programs, dance classes, preschool classes, physical fitness (aerobics), and more. Adult evening programs as well; tennis, softball, basketball, volleyball, and oth...

  • Recreation Pool Services

    Agency: City of Urbandale

    6/5/20 - COVID-19 Changes:
    The City of Urbandale is extending closures and announcing new cancellations due to coronavirus (COVID-19). 

    The Urbandale Indoor Swimming Pool and Senior Recreation Center will remain closed until at least July 6, 2020.
    All in-person Parks and Recreation Programs are cance...

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