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  • Education Services - DMPS

    Agency: Des Moines Public Schools

    DES MOINES INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT generally serves people residing within the boundaries of the Des Moines School District. No economic restrictions. Ages 5 to 21 years for grades kindergarten through 12th. K-12 students living in contiguous districts may apply for open enrollment to any Des Moines School.

    DMPS TALENTED AND GIFTED: 242-7856 or 242-7930


    FAMILY LIFE EDUCATION CLASSES: Courses related to various aspects of family life and parenting. For more information regarding registration fee, time, place and content of current series on home and family life, contact Community Education Department: 242-8521.

    SIGN LANGUAGE CLASSES: Basic and intermediate classes

    LEARN-TO SWIM: Lessons held Saturdays from 8:00am to Noon at each high school. Three sessions per year, Fall, Winter and Spring, 237-1690.

    DRIVERS EDUCATION CLASS: Enrollment must be made in advance. Fee (Check regarding availability; 242-8521). Must have valid Iowa Driver's Permit and be at least 18 years of age.

    YOUTH EMPLOYMENT PERMITS FOR PERSONS UNDER AGE 16 AVAILABLE THROUGH STUDENT SERVICES: Special classes are held for: physically handicapped pupils, including the hard of hearing and deaf and the partially sighted and blind, for trainable mentally retarded including severely and profoundly handicapped at Smouse and Van Meter Schools; for emotionally disturbed children at the Child Guidance Center, Orchard Place and certain public schools; for hospitalized students at Blank, Methodist, Lutheran and Mercy (and any hospital as needed); for children convalescing from prolonged illness at the student's home; for educable mentally retarded at certain elementary schools, junior and senior high schools; for students needing certain remedial work at some elementary, junior and senior high schools; for children with learning disabilities in all elementary, junior and senior high schools; for middle school pupils at the Alternative Middle School; and for students at the Des Moines Alternative High Schools. Some of the special classes are administered in conjunction with other community agencies.

    LITERACY SURVIVAL CLASSES: Students who are older than eight, not literate in their native language or English, and do not have basic math skills spend one semester in literacy survival class; an intensive class to help students work on literacy and math skills so they will be successful in classes later on. There are two locations for the Welcome Center: * Clark Street House of Mercy, 1409 Clark Street, Room E325, Family Orientation Worker, 243-0313 * Madison Elementary School, 806 East Hoffman Street, Des Moines, IA 50316, Placement Teacher, 265-5609.

    FREE OR REDUCED PRICE MEAL: Forms may be obtained from school that the student is attending - eligibility based on income and family size. May apply anytime during the year. Contact Food and Nutrition Management, 242-7636.

    DES MOINES ALTERNATIVE HIGH SCHOOL and MIDDLE SCHOOL PROGRAMS: For pregnant students with arrangements made to transfer from regular public school until after baby is born. Credits go back to regular school and nothing is recorded on their transcripts to identify this special program in any way. Enables girls to complete graduation requirements and provides nursery for care of baby while attending classes. Authorized by Iowa State Bureau of Labor to issue WORK PERMITS for Des Moines Public School district students between 12 and 16 years of age - issue certificates of age for work purposes for those 16 and over. (Do not enforce child labor laws, this is done by the Bureau of Labor.).

    SPECIAL EDUCATION: Program conducted by the schools to locate children who are handicapped because of: impaired speech, sight or hearing, physical handicaps, emotional disturbance, mental retardation. Purpose to involve unserved children 0-21 years in special programs now available and to plan for additional services needed. Home programs exist to assist parents of handicapped child under age of 3 and school programs for 3 and over are being expanded. 242-7714

    WAY TO GROW: Collaborative effort with Head Start, Des Moines Child and Adolescent Guidance Center, and Lutheran Social Services to provide case management services to families with children birth to age six in Lucas, Mckinley, Moulton, and Findley Schools.

    EARLY INTERVENTION SERVICES include birth to 3 years home based occupational and physical therapy, speech/language services, center-based playgroup experiences. For 3 to 6 years, center based classrooms four 1/2 day sessions per week. Located in various Des Moines elementary schools and in off-site locations in Des Moines. Transportation provided and integration opportunities available. Provides education for children with vision, hearing, physical, speech, social/ emotional, and developmental disabilities. Support services include speech/language, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological, nurse, and social work.

    METRO KIDS: 242-7951 - listed separately

    Brody Middle School 242-8443 2501 Park Ave, 50321
    Brubaker 242-8405 2900 E. 42nd St, 50317
    Callanan Middle School 242-8101 3010 Center St, 50312
    Capitol View 242-8402 320 E. 16th St, 50316
    Carver 242-8418 705 E. University, 50316
    Cattell 242-8403 3101 E. 12th St, 50316
    Central Academy 242-7888 1912 Grand Ave., 50309
    Central Campus 242-7846 1800 Grand Ave., 50309
    Cowles 242-7818 6401 College Ave, 50311
    Des Moines Public Charter School 242-8455 1421 Walker Street, 50316
    Downtown 284-8422 1800 Grand Ave, 50309
    East High School 242-7788 815 E. 13th Street, 50316
    Edmunds 242-8406 950 15th St., 50314
    Findley 242-8407 3025 Oxford St., 50313
    Future Pathways 242-8195 1800 Grand Ave, 50309
    Garton 242-8408 2820 E. 24th St, 50317
    Goodrell Middle School 242-8444 3300 E. 29th St, 50317
    Greenwood 242-8410 316 37th St, 50312
    Hanawalt 242-8411 225 56th St, 50312
    Harding Middle School 242-8445 203 E. Euclid Ave, 50313
    Hiatt Middle School 242-7774 1430 E. University Ave., 50316
    Hillis 242-8412 2401 56th St, 50310
    Hoover 242-7300 4800 Aurora Ave, 50310
    Howe 242-8413 2900 Indianola Rd, 50315
    Hoyt Middle School 242-8446 2 700 East 42nd Street, 50317
    Hubbell 242-8414 800 42nd St, 50312
    Jackson 242-8415 3825 Indianola, 50320
    Jefferson 242-8416 2425 Watrous Ave, 50321
    Jesse Franklin Taylor 323-8667 1801 16th St., 50314
    King 242-8417 1849 Forest Ave, 50314
    Lincoln 242-7500 2600 SW 9th St, 50315
    Lincoln South 242-8452 1000 Porter Ave, 50315
    Lovejoy 242-8419 801 E. Kenyon, 50315
    Madison 242-8420 806 E. Hoffman, 50316
    McCombs Middle School 242-8447 201 County Line Rd, 50320
    McKee Alternative Education (M.S.) 242-8434 2115 E. 39th Street
    McKinley 242-8423 1610 SE 6th St, 50315
    Meredith Middle School 242-7250 4827 Madison Ave, 50310
    Merrill Middle School 242-8448 5301 Grand Ave, 50312
    Monroe 242-8425 3015 Francis Ave., 50310
    Moore 242-8426 3716 50th St., 50310
    Morris 242-8421 1401 Geil Ave, 50315
    Moulton 242-8427 1541 8th St, 50314
    North High School 242-7200 501 Holcomb Ave, 50313
    Oak Park 242-8428 3928 6th Ave, 50313
    Orchard Place 287-9700 5412 SW 9th St, 50315
    PACE Interagency Program 697-5700 620 8th St, 50309
    Park Avenue 242-8429 3141 SW 9th St, 50315
    Perkins 242-8430 4301 College, 50311
    Phillips 242-8431 1701 Lay St, 50317
    Pleasant Hill 242-8432 4801 E. Oakwood, 50327
    River Woods 242-8433 2929 SE 22nd St, 50320
    Roosevelt 242-7272 4419 Center St, 50312
    Samuelson 242-8441 3929 Bel Air Rd, 50310
    Scavo Campus 242-7589 1800 Grand Ave., 50309
    Smouse 242-8210 2820 Center St, 50312
    South Union 242-8409 4201 S. Union, 50315
    Stowe 242-8435 1411 E. 33rd St, 50317
    Studebaker 242-8436 300 E. County Ln Rd, 50320
    (Ruby) Van Meter 242-8220 710 28th St, 50312
    Walnut Street 242-8438 901 Walnut St, 50309
    Weeks Middle School 242-8449 901 E. Park Ave, 50315
    Willard 242-8439 2941 Dean Ave, 50317
    Windsor 242-8440 5912 University Ave, 50311
    Wright 242-8442 5001 SW 14th St, 50315

    • Des Moines Public Schools
      Main Phone Main: (515) 242-7911
      Fax: (515) 242-7545
      2100 Fleur Drive
      Des Moines, IA 50321

    Agency: Des Moines Public Schools

    Languages Available: English, Spanish, others by request

    Fees: Varies, call for details

    Intake: Call for more information

    Eligibility: Open to anyone

    Documents Required: Call for details

    Hours: Mon-Fri 7 am-5 pm

    Areas Served:
    • Polk County

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