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  • Ombudsman Services

    Agency: Nebraska Ombudsman

    Investigates and, when appropriate, recommends resolution of citizen complaints relating to administrative agencies of state.Referrals and state information to citizens. 

  • Food Safety Program

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Inspections of all restaurants, food stores, processors and warehouses regarding sanitation, hygiene and food protection. Technical assistance is provided, including the review of plans for new establishments to insure proper equipment and construction, and the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) review of food preparation.  Complaints a...

  • Ombudsman

    Agency: Lincoln City Offices

    Assistance for people who want to register complaints or have other concerns with departments of city government.Title VI compliance official investigating, documenting all constituent reports of discrimination by StarTran, Lincoln's public transit services and other divisions that have contact with the public.Administers the city's online service ...

  • Railroad Emergency Number

    Agency: Union Pacific Railroad

    Railroad emergency number.Call to report these types of issues:Hazardous materials releasesPersonal injuriesCriminal activitiesIllegal dumpingVehicles stuck / stalled on the tracks, or other track obstructionsOther environmental issues, such as:--Petroleum Spills--Idling locomotives--Engines with excessive smoke

  • City Complaint Line

    Agency: Omaha City Offices

    Processes complaints about city services.Information and referral. 

  • Consumer Services

    Agency: Guthrie County Environmental Health Department

    Offers testing of private wells, well and septic system inspection, radon testing and correction advice. The department also does all the swimming pool, spa, tanning bed, and tattoo parlor inspections.Complaints: receive and investigate complaints dumping and other garbage issues, illegal burning, and animal bites. When possible, work with tenant c...

  • Consumer Complaints and Reports

    Agency: Iowa Department of Natural Resources

    Regarding violations of the "Open Burning Ban" contact: 281-5918 or 725-8200. To report a spill of hazardous material call 725-8694. To turn in poachers call 800-532-2020 (for crimes only).

  • Consumer Complaints

    Agency: Nebraska Dental Association

    Peer review, a process by which the dental profession reviews and resolves problems or misunderstandings regarding dental treatment; the appropriate form will be sent to the patient; once the complaint is received, it will be forwarded to the appropriate district for review; the peer review process is a membership benefit - we handle only member co...

  • Consumer Services

    Agency: KETV Channel 7

    Information and referral help line.  Questions can also be answered on Facebook.

  • Legal Services

    Agency: Iowa State Bar Association

    Iowa Bar Association services include Find a Lawyer, Living Will forms, and the Handbook for Older Iowans, which covers health care decisions, wills, power of attorney, and landlord tenant rights. The handbook is available at no cost through the bar association, or at

  • Insurance Regulation

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Insurance

    General supervision, control, and regulation of insurance companies, associations, and societies conducting business in Nebraska.Investigation of complaints and inquiries.Investigation of suspected insurance fraud.Financial examination of insurance companies.Filing and approval of insurance rates and policies.Enforcement of insurance laws.Licensing...

  • Consumer Services

    Agency: Polk County Medical Society

    Brings together physicians in Polk, Dallas and Warren Counties, in order to promote the art and science of medicine, the betterment of public health, and to make effective the opinion of the medical profession in scientific, public health, economic and social welfare. Provides physician referral and information about medical services. Medical Griev...

  • Neighborhood Inspections

    Agency: City of Des Moines

    NEIGHBORHOOD INSPECTION DIVISION has three primary responsibilities; rental inspections, the oversight of condemned buildings and the abatement of junk and debris which includes junk vehicles. Other services include: Abandoned Well Abatement Animal Waste Complaints Graffiti Hazmat Referrals Illegal Businesses Illegal Dumping Illegal ...

  • Regulatory Agency

    Agency: Department of Inspections and Appeals

    THE DEPARTMENT OF INSPECTIONS AND APPEALS is a multi-faceted regulatory agency responsible for licensing and regulating health care providers, including long-term care facilities, assisted living programs, hospitals, home health agencies, hospices. DIA also inspects and licenses restaurants and grocery stores, hotels and motels, bingo parlors, and ...

  • Long Term Care Ombudsman

    Agency: Nebraska State Long-Term Care Ombudsman

    Works to resolve problems and complaints from, and on behalf of, residents of nursing homes or assisted living facilities.Information and assistance on questions and concerns related to long-term care and residents' rights to residents, family members and others.Education on long-term care and residents' rights to facility staff and community group...

  • Governmental Services

    Agency: Nebraska Public Service Commission

    Monitors and enforces standards and regulatory policies for telecommunications; passenger motor transportation and moving companies; manufactured homes, modular homes and recreational vehicles; grain warehouses; and natural gas.Handles complaints regarding utility service providers.

  • DHHS Fraud Hotline

    Agency: US Department of Health and Human Services

    Hotline to report fraud, waste, program abuse, mismanagement, misconduct, conflict of interest and contact/grant fraud by DHHS employees, and beneficiaries.Most complaints fall in the following categories: Crime, gross misconduct, or conflicts of interest involving HHS employees/contractors Fraud, waste, or abuse relating to HHS Grants/Contracts, i...

  • DHHS Helpline

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Responds to questions, concerns, and complaints related to services, programs, and operations within the Department of Health and Human Services.Information and referral to appropriate DHHS staff for information and resolution of complaints.

  • Consumer Services

    Agency: Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

    FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION'S jurisdiction covers all radio transmitters including broadcasting, land mobile, amateur, and citizens band services. Also have information for self-help in solving interference problems to home entertainment equipment. For further information contact FCC.

  • Consumer Services

    Agency: Iowa Department of Justice

    IOWA ATTORNEY GENERAL - CONSUMER PROTECTION SERVICES provides investigation and mediation of consumer complaints regarding questionable business practices. Index kept on complaints received. Administer regulations and enforcement procedures of Consumer Fraud Act.

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