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  • Environmental Health

    Agency: Shelby County Environmental Health

    Licensing and inspection of restaurants, bars, grocery stores, temporary licenses, mobile food units, convenience stores, hotels, etc. for Shelby, Monona, Harrison, Audubon, Cass, Monona, and Crawford Counties.Inspections of public swimming pools and tanning beds for Shelby, Monona, and Harrison Counties.Permits and inspections on all site wastewat...

  • Water Quality Services

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Annual well permit required for all domestic wells inside the city limits.  As a part of the permit process, the well is inspected to assure compliance with applicable state and local construction standards.  In addition the well is tested for presence of coliform bacterial and nitrate contamination.  Technical assistance is provided to help correc...

  • Waste Management Program

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Household Hazardous Waste promotes pollution prevention and the proper use, handling, storage and disposal of hazardous household materials. Provides education on alternatives to hazardous chemicals and encourages residents to properly use products already on hand. Collection events are held each month March - November, offering residents a place t...

  • Environmental Hazards Information

    Agency: Warren County Health Services

    ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENT provides testing of private well water, assistance with and permitting of private sewage disposal systems, health hazards related to the environment, general environmental issues such as radon, rat harborages, dangerous buildings, air quality, unhealthy living conditions, radon test kits, and waste tire collection in...

  • Air Quality Program

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Ambient Air Quality provides continuous monitoring of Carbon Monoxide (CO), seasonal monitoring of Ozone, and periodical testing for particulate matter (PM2.5) levels in Lincoln and Lancaster County, as required by federal law to assure that air pollution levels do not exceed health-based standards.Indoor Air Quality and Occupational Health assesse...

  • Environmental Public Health Division

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Assists Lancaster County citizens to minimize health risks posed by the environment. Provides public information, technical assistance to businesses, pollution prevention, toxicity reduction, inspection and response to health-related complaints regarding food establishments, grocery stores, private water supplies, on-site wastewater treatment syste...

  • Environmental Services

    Agency: Douglas County Offices

    Landfill Division has responsibilities for both active and closed landfills; Douglas County contracts with Waste Management for the general operation and maintenance of the active Pheasant Point solid waste landfill site at Highway 36 and 216th Street.Landscape maintenance and snow removal for various county offices.Noxious and nuisance weed monito...

  • Community Health

    Agency: Scotts Bluff County Health Department

    Community health nursing and education.  Home visits.  Workplace wellness programs.  Health education.Immunization clinics, blood pressure screening/monitoring, tuberculosis testingCommunicable disease investigation and control.  Disease surveillance.Emergency response and planning, bio-terror/emergency response.

  • Environmental Health Division

    Agency: Pottawattamie County Public Health

    Located at 223 South 6th Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51501Nuisance complaints, solid waste, weeds, junk cars.Air pollution and noise monitoring.Rodent and pest surveillanceRadon and indoor air information.  Radon kits available for $10.Free well testing.Permits and licensing for:Tanning bedsSwimming pools, spasSeptic systemsTattooWells

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: South Heartland District Health Department

    Public health emergency preparedness.Disease surveillance (responsibility shared with NHHSS)a. School surveillance - absenteeism counts are collected weeklyb. West Nile Virus - dead bird collection and testing and mosquito trapping and testingc. Rabies monitoring in animals and investigate potential human exposuresd. Other community health threats,...

  • Environmental Health Services

    Agency: Douglas County Health Department

    Environmental concerns, including complaints about dumping, rodents, insects, ambient air quality, water contamination, and septic tank problems.

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