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  • Regulatory Agency

    Agency: Department of Inspections and Appeals

    THE DEPARTMENT OF INSPECTIONS AND APPEALS is a multi-faceted regulatory agency responsible for licensing and regulating health care providers, including long-term care facilities, assisted living programs, hospitals, home health agencies, hospices. DIA also inspects and licenses restaurants and grocery stores, hotels and motels, bingo parlors, and ...

  • Adult Protective Services

    Agency: Alternatives

    Investigates reports of abuse and neglect for individuals ages 60 and over and for adults with disabilities ages 18-59 on behalf of the State of Illinois, and provides interventions to alleviate abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

  • Abuse and Crisis Intervention Services

    Agency: Iowa Department of Human Services

    Child Abuse/Dependent Adult Abuse program provides evaluations and assessments of alleged abused children or dependent adults.Abuse in a RESIDENTIAL FACILITY (nursing home), call the Department of Inspections and Appeals at 1-877-686-0027; seven days a week, 24 hours.

  • Elder Right Program

    Agency: Heritage Area Agency on Aging

    Coordinates The Elder Rights Program, which focuses on the prevention, intervention, detection, and reporting of elder abuse, neglect, and exploitation by presenting seniors 60 and older with options to enhance their lifestyle choices.

  • Adult and Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Adult Protective Services.  Call or fax to report suspected cases of adult abuse or exploitation. Investigates and provides services to elderly and mentally or physically disabled persons age 18 or older who require protection from abuse or neglect.Child Protective Services.  Call or fax to report suspected cases of child abuse or exploitation of c...

  • Elder Rights

    Agency: Elderbridge Agency on Aging

    The Elder Rights Program addresses and focuses on prevention, intervention, detection and reporting elder abuse, neglect, and exploitationby presenting the senior consumer with options to enhance and protect their life and independence. Supportive Services Raise public awareness about the full range of long-term living options available in Iowa; Pr...

  • Elder Abuse Prevention and Awareness Program

    Agency: Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging

    Provides a form of case management which assists at-risk and/or abused individuals age 60 and older identify their risks and find ways to reduce or eliminate those risks.

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