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  • Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Region 3 Behavioral Health Services

    Professional Partner program serves children, adolescents, and young adults who have serious emotional disorders and their families; provides intensive therapeutic case management program tailored to meet the needs of each youth and family.Emergency Community Support program provides follow-up, continuity, and coordination services for individuals ...

  • Services for Mentally Ill and Mentally Challenged Individuals

    Agency: Glenwood Resource Center

    1/4/2021-This faciliity is currently being investigated by the U.S. Department of Justice for constitutional rights violations.Long term and short term treatment and evaluation for mentally challenged/mentally ill.Assistive technology.Supported community living offers training and assistance to increase independence.Home and vehicle modification as...

  • Community Support Program

    Agency: Robert Young Mental Health Center

    Community support program offers case management, day treatment, medication monitoring/administration, teaching of psychosocial skills, community follow-up, drop-in center, protective payee, and a residential program.

  • Mental Health Services

    Agency: Lyon County Iowa Offices

    Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities Services shall be provided in the least restrictive, most cost-effective manner, which is in the best interest of the consumer.  Some of those services include (but are not limited to): - Targeted Case Management- Supported Community Living/Community Support Programs- Day Treatment Services- Out-Patient Coun...

  • PACT Program

    Agency: Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Service

    Offers the PACT (Program for Assertive Community Treatment), which provides comprehensive, community-based psychiatric treatment, medication management, rehabilitation and support to individuals possessing a serious and persistent mental illness. Services are provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The PACT team seeks to address all aspects of an i...

  • Integrated Health Home

    Agency: Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center

    Model of care addressing both mental health and physical health, where individuals have a team of providers who are responsible for providing and/or arranging care with other professionals across all elements of the healthcare system.

  • Disability Services Coordination

    Agency: Clinton County Offices

    Case management and coordination of services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the chronically mentally ill.

  • Case Management

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    CASE MANAGEMENT services are available to children and adults who are eligible for Medicaid through the State’s Fee for Service Program (FFS) or Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) Program.

  • Behavioral Health Connection

    Agency: Nebraska Medicine

    Connects consumers to behavioral health services.   Helps with identifying behavioral health providers and agencies, accessing medical records and assisting with coordination of care, identifying prescription assistance programs, and finding transportation assistance.   In addition, patients can make an appointment to come in for assistance complet...

  • Service Coordination

    Agency: Southwest Iowa Mental Health and Disability Services Region

    Assists individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and developmental disabilities in accessing needed services and supports.  Coordinators provide information, referral, assess individuals for needs, develop a treatment plan, and coordinate funding as needed.

  • Family and Youth Investment

    Agency: Region V Systems

    Intensive team facilitation and service coordination for youth with serious emotional disturbances and their families.Eligibility for traditional program: Youth, ages 0-21, with behavioral concerns, diagnosed with a serious emotional disorder, at risk for out-of-home placement.Eligibility for transition age program: Young adults, ages 17-25, diagno...

  • Child Guidance Center

    Agency: Orchard Place

    CHILD GUIDANCE CENTER provides the following services:Direct Clinical Services:1. Outpatient Therapy: Individual, Family and Group2. Psychiatric Evaluation3. Medication Management4. Psychological Evaluation and Testing5. Child Sexual Abuse Victim Treatment: Individual and GroupSchool Based Mental Health & Outreach Services:1. Outpatient Therapy at ...

  • Mental Health Community Support Services

    Agency: Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center

    Community support services are provided to individuals with a mental illness, developmental, cognitive or intellectual disability, enabling them to develop supports and learn skills that will allow them to live, learn, socialize, and work in the community.Services are individualized, need and abilities-focused, and organized according to the follow...

  • Outpatient Services

    Agency: CenterPointe, Inc.

    Adult treatment offers outpatient treatment services for adults 19 and over with mental health disorders or co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders.  Services are provided based on client need and may include individual, group, and family counseling and psychiatric services.  Expected stay depends on client need, but generally 6-8 mo...

  • Knowledge Empowers Youth (KEY)

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    KNOWLEDGE EMPOWERS YOUTH program utilizes a team approach to provide “wrap-around” support services to young adults, 17 ½ -25 years of age, who have a Mental Illness.This program is designed to assist individuals transitioning from the youth service system to the adult service system. It focuses on developing skills and increasing self-sufficiency ...

  • Integrated Services

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    INTEGRATED SERVICES CSA's integrated services utilizes a team approach to provide “wrap-around” support services to adults with disabilities. It is designed for individuals with multiple areas of support needs who have a Mental Illness, Intellectual Disability, or other Developmental Disability.The program blends Medicaid funding and county regiona...

  • Community Based Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Broadlawns Medical Center

    COMMUNITY BASED BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES offer a variety of programs and services for individuals with mental illness. The programs are designed to provide support for those living with mental health considerations so they can lead productive lives. The programs provide assistance for patients so that they can live, work and function independentl...

  • Integrated Health Program

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    INTEGRATED HEALTH PROGRAM - CSA’s Integrated Health Program provides whole health coordinated care for youth and adult, age 14 and older, with a serious mental illness or serious emotional disturbance who are Medicaid eligible. This program is designed to address the unique mental health, physical, and social needs of young people and their familie...

  • Service Coordination

    Agency: Community Support Advocates

    SERVICE COORDINATION - CSA offers service coordination, persons in this program may or may not be eligible for Medicaid. Those served in this program are generally in need of long-term residential support or are in need of minimal community based services. 

  • Mental Health Services - Cropp Clinic

    Agency: Eyerly Ball Community Mental Health Service

    Offers a comprehensive mental health center that provides outpatient individual, family, and group psychotherapy. Indirect services include consultation and community education on request, with various agencies, institutions, schools and professionals.SUPPORTED COMMUNITY LIVING services provide individualized skill building, teaching, and support t...

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