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  • Health Care Divisions

    Agency: Iowa Department of Public Health

    DIVISION OF ACUTE DISEASE PREVENTION AND EMERGENCY RESPONSE AND ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH provides support, technical assistance and consultation to local public health agencies, hospitals, emergency medical service programs, and local health care providers regarding infectious diseases, disease/injury preventing and control, public health and health ca...

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Lyon County Iowa Offices

    Lyon COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH represents Lyon County in advocating for public health functions, programs, & services, including bioterrorism and county disaster preparedness. We work closely with the county Board of Health & are a funding source for community needs assessments. Education Programs Provide parental information and lead...

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Adair County Public Health

    Offers public health programs and services, including bioterrorism and county disaster preparedness. Also provides information about communicable diseases.

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: North Central District Health Department

    Health promotion and disease prevention education.Emergency preparedness.  Substance abuse prevention coalitions. West Nile virus surveillance.Referrals.Immunizations.  Worksite Wellness including on-site employee health screenings and wellness programs.School-based youth oral health program.

  • Public Health Services

    Agency: Virginia Gay Hospital

    Offers public health programs and services and works closely with the county Board of Health. Also provides information about communicable diseases. 

  • Advocacy

    Agency: Group to Alleviate Smoking Pollution of Nebraska, Inc

    Advocacy for anyone who is bothered or harmed by tobacco smoke pollution at home, work, or while in any government office or private business.  Intervenes on behalf of the person bothered by the smoke to help them assert their rights.  Assists landlords in converting buildings from smoking to non smoking, and helps renters find ways to eliminate sm...

  • Health Promotion & Outreach Division

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Assists individuals of all cultures to assume responsibility for their own health through education and outreach services. The Division responds to public information needs or issues related to health and safety, and works collaboratively with other community entities to formulate responses to issues which impact public health. Major program areas ...

  • Cancer Information and Support

    Agency: American Cancer Society - Nebraska Locations

    Cancer education includes brochures, speakers, signs and methods for prevention and detection, and covers topics such as breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, and smoking.  Support group information also available.

  • Lung Disease Information and Support

    Agency: American Lung Association in Nebraska

    Patient and family education programs for children with asthma.Professional, patient, and public education programs for people with chronic lung disease.Literature on asthma, tobacco, lung disease, and air quality.Information and referral for respiratory care services.Represent public interest in matters concerning lung health, particularly smoke-f...

  • Health Education

    Agency: Rock Island County Health Department

    Health Education focused toward creating anti-smoking, anti-tobacco policy.  Health Educator also works with high school students interested in policy change with regard to tobacco.  Health Educator attends health fairs, community events and meetings to promote all health department programs and initiatives.

  • Prevention

    Agency: Community and Family Resources

    Programs focusing on preventing use and misuse of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and gambling.  A DOT-approved DUI/OWI class offered and Mental Health First Aid training is available.Prevention and Education Services alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, or gambling or if you would like to have a program presentedMental Health First Aid Training  FREE Men...

  • Freedom From Smoking

    Agency: American Lung Association in Iowa

    FREEDOM FROM SMOKING is an eight week long program is designed to help smokers kick the habit. With the help of a trained program leader, smokers meet in small groups to address the many aspects of quitting smoking. Group discussion, films, and handouts are used.

  • Tobacco Outreach Program

    Agency: University of Nebraska Medical Center

    Educational presentations on tobacco, second hand smoke, smoke-free living, quitting smoking, and Latino specific information.  Apartment tenant assistance to make apartments smoke-free, as well as technical assistance to property managers/landlords to increase smoke-free housing options within their properties.Tobacco cessation counseling and trea...

  • Drug Free Youth in Touch (DFYIT) and Substance Abuse Prevention

    Agency: Center For Alcohol & Drug Services, Inc.

    Intermediate program which takes a firm, zero-tolerance stance against drugs and violence.  Students receive discounts at businesses and admission into special events and retreats for making a commitment to be alcohol, tobacco, other drug, and violence free.  Weekly meetings are held at numerous local junior high schools.Offers a variety of additio...

  • Positive Pressure Coalition

    Agency: Buffalo County Community Partners

    Aids local communities in the planning, coordinating and integrating of resources and use of evidence-based processes to reduce substance rates and delay the onset of first use in their communities.

  • Substance Abuse Education/Prevention

    Agency: Rock in Prevention

    ROCK IN PREVENTION is an evidence based program that teaches children, teachers and families social emotional intelligence and life skill for success. The program uses music and an online curriculum to teach methods and skills to prevent bullying and alcohol, tobacco and other druch use. Rock Digi teaches empathy for those that are different from t...

  • Substance Abuse Prevention

    Agency: Martin Luther King Jr. Community Center

    Addresses the needs of youth at risk of using alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs of abuse.  Program is provided in partnership with Rock Island/Milan School District #41 and the Rock Island community.

  • Nebraska Tobacco Quitline

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Tobacco resources including free and confidential counseling available 24 hours a day.Coaching is also available online. After enrolling in the program, participants will receive information about how to access Web Coach. The program offers e-learning tools, social support, and information about quitting. Participants can interact with other people...

  • Tobacco Education/Prevention

    Agency: Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition

    Tobacco Information/Education - Provides tobacco/ENDS information and resources.  Provides information on coalition engagement, volunteering, and Nebraska Quitline.Tobacco-Free Businesses - assists with implementing a smoke- and/or tobacco-free policy.Smoke-Free Housing - assists with smoke- and/or tobacco-free policies.  Assists in finding smoke f...

  • Tobacco Prevention

    Agency: Community Health Partners of Sioux County

    Tobacco prevention education Secondhand & Thirdhand Smoke Preventing Youth Tobacco Use Quitting Electronic/Vaping Devices TF/NF Policy Medical Providers Businesses

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