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  • County Conservation Office

    Agency: O'Brien County Offices

    County office that oversees parks and recreation areas, campgrounds, land development, environmental education, and park maintenance PRAIRIE HERITAGE CENTER OUR PARKS PROGRAMS/EDUCATION VOLUNTEER

  • Environmental Public Health Division

    Agency: Lincoln Lancaster County Health Department

    Assists Lancaster County citizens to minimize health risks posed by the environment. Provides public information, technical assistance to businesses, pollution prevention, toxicity reduction, inspection and response to health-related complaints regarding food establishments, grocery stores, private water supplies, on-site wastewater treatment syste...

  • Environmental Services

    Agency: Douglas County Offices

    Landfill Division has responsibilities for both active and closed landfills; Douglas County contracts with Waste Management for the general operation and maintenance of the active Pheasant Point solid waste landfill site at Highway 36 and 216th Street.Landscape maintenance and snow removal for various county offices.Noxious and nuisance weed monito...

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