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  • Education Services

    Agency: Alpha School

    Educates students with behavioral/emotional conditions who have been unable to maintain traditional school placement.  Provides a complete academic curriculum.

    Services for parents and children who attend the school include behavior management techniques for children 5-21 years of age, appropriate social and classroom behavior, and paren...

  • Education Services

    Agency: Owens Educational Services

    Program components include but not limited to behavior modification, educational tutoring, community service activities, tours, employment preparation and social skill development.

    Transportation is provided to and from program.

  • Alternative Education

    Agency: Fremont Public Schools

    Alternative education curriculum is individualized and self-paced.  Students needs are defined by academic, vocational, and social skills goals.

  • Alternative Education

    Agency: Boys and Girls Home and Family Services, Inc.

    Opportunities School is a state-approved program designed to accommodate students who have had challenges at their home school. This program is an alternative to dropping out or expulsion for students struggling with emotional, learning, and behavioral issues. 

  • Phoenix Day Treatment School

    Agency: Bethany for Children & Families

    Day treatment program offers treatment based on each student’s individualized educational plan (IEP).  Special education services, case management, and interventions are offered to area youth who are at risk of disrupting from their homes of origin and/or being placed in a residential setting.

  • Homebound and Hospital Instruction

    Agency: Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

    Instruction is available for special-education pupils whose condition, as certified by the director of special education, prevents school attendance.  These pupils are provided instruction and appropriate special education services through home or hospital programs.

    Juvenile Detention Center Coordination facilitates communication with st...

  • Alternative Education

    Agency: Cedar Rapids Community School District

    Alternative educational program for 9th-12th grade students. Daycare is provided for students with children.

  • Home Schooling

    Agency: Cedar Rapids Community School District

    Home schooling is an alternative kindergarten through 12th grade educational program open to all families who choose to home school their children.

  • Alternative Education

    Agency: Mason City Community School District

    Offers alternative education with a flexible program for high school age youth whose circumstances indicate that an alternative education is preferred. Allows the student the opportunity to earn a high school diploma.

  • Gordon Willard Alternative Program

    Agency: Fort Dodge Community School District

    Housed in Fort Dodge Senior High. Goals include modes of learning to fit individual needs, increasing students' academic, social and job skills, and improving self-concepts. Community involvement, experiential career education and work study options.

  • Education Services

    Agency: Norwalk Community School District

    NORWALK SCHOOLS offers public school classes Kindergarten through 12th grade. High School 1201 North Ave. 981-4201 Lakewood Elementary 9210 Happy Hollow Drive, 981-1850 Eastview, 1600 N Ave, 981-9655 Middle School 200 Cherry St. 981-0435 Oviatt Elementary, 713 School Ave. 981-1005 STUDENTS AT-RISK PROGRAM services grades K through Hig...

  • Mental Health Services

    Agency: Orchard Place

    10/1/2020 - COVID-19 Changes: Orchard Place is following rigorous best practices to protect the health of team members and the youth in our care. Our campus continues to provide 24-7 care to youth in our residential program and is accepting new referrals. Our other branches are provid...

  • Education Services - DMPS

    Agency: Des Moines Public Schools

    DES MOINES INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY SCHOOL DISTRICT generally serves people residing within the boundaries of the Des Moines School District. No economic restrictions. Ages 5 to 21 years for grades kindergarten through 12th. K-12 students living in contiguous districts may apply for open enrollment to any Des Moines School.


  • Alternative High School

    Agency: Newton Community School District

    Offers alternative high school for students who have not been successful in the traditional school setting.

  • Herbert J. Lavigne Learning Center

    Agency: Children's Square USA

    Academic center for students with behavior disorders at the primary and secondary level, grades 1 - 12

  • Academy Program

    Agency: Lincoln's Challenge Academy

    Academy program for high school dropouts ages 16-18.  Classes start in January and July and run for seventeen months.  The first five months are spent in residency at the campus in Rantoul, IL.  In a structured quasi-military environment, youth receive GED instruction or credit recovery, self-discipline, life coping skills, computer skills, and car...

  • Therapeutic School

    Agency: Heartland Family Service

    Full-day academic and therapeutic programming for special education students with major mental health diagnoses. Students must be referred by their local district within the Green Hills Area Education Agency of southwest Iowa.

  • Secondary Partnerships

    Agency: Metropolitan Community College

    Works with public and private schools to enhance student learning and dual/articulated credit.

    Teachers and counselors participate in workshops and curriculum writing to enhance their teaching and impact classroom learning.

    Students tour businesses to make informed decisions about career choices.

    Cooperates with hig...

  • Youth Development Programs

    Agency: Central College


    CENTRAL COLLEGE UPWARD BOUND PROGRAM is designed to encourage participants to pursue post secondary education. It includes a six week summer program and a follow-up program during the regular school year. In the summer, students take classes designed to increase their skills and knowledge in key conte...

  • Homeless Family Support

    Agency: Rock Island County Regional Office of Education Prevention Services

    Homeless family support in accordance with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Education Act assists homeless students in breaking down barriers for education.

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