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  • Behavioral Health Intervention Services

    Agency: Turning Point Evaluation, Inc.

    Services that focus on reducing mental health symptoms by teaching vital life-skills such as: healthy communication, anger management, emotion management, coping, organizational skills, conflict resolution and sustaining attention. Services are provided in-home or at the office.

  • Reading Recovery Program

    Agency: Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency

    Early intervention program for first graders at risk of failure in reading and writing.

  • Family Support Center

    Agency: Children and Families First

    CHILDREN AND FAMILIES FIRST offers counseling for children, adolescents and families. Focus on issues such as family life, parenting issues, mentoring, grief support, spiritual enrichment, literacy development, and educational consulting. The program exists to strengthen families by working to eradicate violence against women, improve family relati...

  • Healthy Start and Empowerment

    Agency: EveryStep

    Offer voluntary case management services to families that would like extra support to ensure a healthy mom, healthy child and healthy family. Services include home visits, prenatal, postpartum and parenting education, child development screening and education, support and therapy groups, links to other resources, parent involvement opportunities, t...

  • Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and Teen Parenting Program

    Agency: UnityPoint Health Trinity

    Adolescent pregnancy prevention and parenting program offers outreach and education about sexually transmitted infections and birth control, as well as counseling and access to services; pregnant teens and teen parents receive support and counseling to help them complete school.

  • Teen and Young Parent Program

    Agency: Nebraska Early Childhood Collaborative

    Provides parents with referrals to prenatal education, parenting education, support to remain in school, or anything in between. The program is a comprehensive, integrated system of early health, academic, and family services.  Ensures that families of young children (birth to eight) receives support to promote healthy lifestyles and to increase ed...

  • Education Services

    Agency: Heartland Area Education Agency

    HEARTLAND AREA EDUCATION AGENCY provides services for youth (birth to age 21) with disabilities and their families. The agency also provides general educational services and media services to 53 public school districts and 31 approved private schools in central Iowa. The agency screens students for hearing, vision and speech loss, as well as emotio...

  • Deaf Education

    Agency: Iowa School for the Deaf

    Programming is offered for preschool through transition aged. Users of American Sign Language, spoken English or both are served. Transition-to-work-or-college program has 85% of students continuing working 5 years after exit. Sign language classes for distance students, numerous free social activities and extended learning programming.

  • Education Services - Ruby Van Meter

    Agency: Des Moines Public Schools

    Provides an educational program for children and youth ages 12-21 with intellectual disabilities. The program stresses self-help skills, communication skills, socialization skills, functional academics, and vocational skills. Referrals for school enrollment come from the student's special education program. Ruby Van Meter also has a Related Arts pr...

  • Early Childhood Program

    Agency: North Platte Public Schools

    Early childhood special education offers evaluations to families at no cost in the areas of infant and toddler assessment, developmental skills, speech and language, hearing and vision, and fine and gross motor skills.Early development services coordination provides a central point of contact for families with children, birth to three years, with d...

  • Education Services

    Agency: Madonna School for Special Needs Students

    Education for youth with mild or moderate cognitive disabilities and ADD/ADHD, or other learning challenges ages 13-21 years.Speech therapy.Guidance, advocacy, and counseling.Prevocational training.  Adult vocational training.

  • Education Services

    Agency: Illinois School for the Deaf

    State-supported school for the education of deaf and hard of hearing children in Illinois.  Comprehensive educational programming including 0-3 years, preschool, elementary, junior high, and high school levels.  College preparatory and vocational/technology programs are emphasized in the upper grades.  Residential facilities are available for stude...

  • Education Services - Wapello County

    Agency: Great Prairie Area Education Agency

    Support to local schools is provided through educational services, information & technology and special education.

  • Education Services

    Agency: Great Prairie Area Education Agency

    Support to local schools is provided through educational services, information & technology and special education.

  • Distance Education and Support

    Agency: Hadley

    Creates personalized learning opportunities that empower adults with vision loss or blindness to thrive at home, at work, and in their communities.  Content (online, large print, braille and audio) is available free of charge to anyone with a visual impairment and those who support them. Library of learning content ranges from tips and techniques f...

  • Educational Advocacy

    Agency: ASK Resource Center

    ASK RESOURCE CENTER (Access for Special Kids) provides educational advocacy, resources, training and on-on-one guidance for families of students with disabilities and the professionals who serve them.LEARNING DISABILITIES ASSOCIATION OF IOWA (LDA-I) - information and resources for children and adults with learning disabilities.FAMILY TO FAMILY prog...

  • Gifted and Talented

    Agency: Grant Wood Area Education Agency

    Provides support and links for gifted education in area schools.

  • Children's Services

    Agency: Mosaic

    Children's Services are provided to people under the age of 21. Supports may include residential services, supported/intermittent, host home, day services, transitional services, special education or early intervention.Children's Extensive Services focus on supporting families by providing respite care and community connector services to children l...

  • Central Nebraska Support Service Program

    Agency: Grand Island Public Schools

    Educational evaluation, special education and related services, including:-Early Childhood Program-Hearing Impaired Program-Home Bound Program-Occupational Therapy Program-Speech and language services-Visually Impaired Program-Physical Therapy

  • Education Advocacy Services

    Agency: Iowa Department of Education

    IOWA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION - STUDENT & FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES provides consultant service, technical assistance, staff development, program development, and information regarding special education programs and services in Iowa. Special education instructional programs and support services are provided by the Area Education Agencies (AEAs) and Lo...

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