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  • Family Reproductive Health Services

    Agency: Western Community Health Resources

    Preventative reproductive health care and education to any member of the community.  Develops reproductive life plans.  Goals are to decrease unintended pregnancy and reduce transmissions of sexually transmitted infections.

  • Reproductive Health Services

    Agency: People's Family Health Services

    Reproductive health services for males and females including the following:

    Well health exams.

    Blood pressure, weight, and hemoglobin monitoring.

    Pap tests.

    Breast and testicular exams.  

    Breast, cervical, and testicular cancer screening.

    STD screening and treatment.


  • Health Services Program

    Agency: New Opportunities, Inc.

    Provides initial and annual pap exams, breast exams, blood pressure and hemoglobin screenings with exams, pregnancy testing and prenatal counseling, sexually transmitted infection testing, education, and treatment, birth control counseling and education, and health maintenance referrals.

  • Every Woman Matters

    Agency: Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

    Health screening programs offers regular testing for breast and cervical cancer, heart disease, and diabetes screening for women ages 40-74.  Includes pelvic exam, pap test, clinical breast exam, screening mammogram, blood pressure check, cholesterol check, blood sugar check, and health and wellness information.  

    If there is a problem (...

  • Health Care Services

    Agency: Midtown Health Center

    Community clinic providing a variety of family practice services.

    Women's health, including pap tests and prenatal care visits.

    Physicals for anyone; well-child checkups, kindergarten physicals, sports physicals.

    Acute care.

    Immunizations, including flu shots.

    Tests for diabetes, high blood pre...

  • Health Care Services

    Agency: Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska

    Offers services in one or more of the following program areas:

    Family Medical Health Care
    Behavioral Health
    Dental Care
    Reproductive Health
    Women, Infant, & Children (WIC)
    Migrant Health
    Minority Health
    HIV/Hepatitis C Testing & Counseling
    Diabetes Education & Care
    X-ray & L...

  • Reproductive Health and Family Planning Services

    Agency: UnityPoint Health Trinity

    Services include pap smears, breast and pelvic exams, birth control, pregnancy testing, screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections, HIV testing, and emergency contraception.

  • Reproductive Health

    Agency: Mary Lanning Healthcare

    Birth control, pregnancy testing, family planning services, HIV and other STD testing, pap tests, and breast exams.

    Hispanic clinic with on-site translators offered monthly.

    Educational presentations and workshops.

  • Family Planning and WIC Services

    Agency: Family Health Services, Inc.

    Family planning program provides physical exams; cervical and breast cancer screening, including enrollment in Every Woman Matters program; sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment; pregnancy testing; and contraceptive counseling and dispensing.  Counsels on all contraceptive methods.

    Education offered on reproductive and...

  • Reproductive Health Care Services

    Agency: Choice Family Health Care

    Reproductive health services for women and men.  Includes birth control information and supplies, annual exams, breast and cervical cancer screenings, HIV testing, and STD testing and treatment.

  • Reproductive Health Services

    Agency: East Central District Health Department

    Well woman exams, pap smears, pelvic exams, clinical breast exams, mammogram referrals, abstinence education, pregnancy testing and counseling, various methods of birth control, natural family planning resources, and STI testing and treatment. Group presentations available per request.

  • LGBTQ Health Clinic

    Agency: UnityPoint Health - Des Moines

    Offers health care services to the LGBTQ community. Services are offered to meet the specific health care needs of the LGBTQ community in Central Iowa. Services include: physical and wellness care, routine cancer screenings, health prevention, HIV/STD/STI testing and counseling, management of chronic diseases, including anxiety and depression, ment...

  • Reproductive Health Care Services

    Agency: Community Health Care, Inc.

    Comprehensive reproductive health center providing prenatal and family planning (birth control) services.  Other services include free pregnancy testing for women of any age, testing/treatment of sexually transmitted diseases for males and females, hormone replacement therapy, sterilization, education programs on sexual responsibility, female camp,...

  • Health Care Services

    Agency: All Care Health Center

    Heath center for care of acute and chronic illness.  Transportation available for appointments at the clinic.

    Breast exams and pap smears.

    Cholesterol screening.

    Diabetes management.

    Immunizations, flu, and pneumonia shots.

    Infant checkups.

    Pregnancy testing.

    Physicals for...

  • Women's Health Clinic

    Agency: Greene County Medical Center

    Medical clinic that specifically cares for the needs of women of all ages

  • Reproductive Health Services

    Agency: Three Rivers Public Health Department

    Reproductive health services for men and women at low or no cost. Includes pelvic exam, pap smear, and cervical cancer screening; teaching of breast self exam; sexually transmitted infection testing and treatment; pregnancy testing and preconception counseling; HIV testing; birth control and education counseling; and basic infertility evaluation an...

  • Family Planning

    Agency: Webster County Public Health

    Webster County Health Department Clinic offers quality, confidential health care services specifically around reproductive health, supporting men and women to make informed decisions about their health. We provide care to men and women from adolescence and beyond to help quide decisions regarding reproductive health care needs.

  • Family Planning Services Title X- Family Health Center

    Agency: North Iowa Community Action Organization

    Provides birth control counseling and exams, pregnancy testing and counseling, sexually transmitted disease screening and treatment, pap smears, AIDS/HIV counseling, and genetic counseling referrals.

  • Reproductive Health Services

    Agency: Webster County Public Health

    Family Planning services

  • Health Care Services

    Agency: Nebraska Urban Indian Health Coalition

    General health care to persons who are insured or uninsured, regardless of a person's race, religion, income status or age.

    STD/HIV testing.  HIV/AIDS education and counseling.


    Physical examinations.

    Pediatric care.

    Mental health counseling and behavioral health services.

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