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  • I Am In Control

    Agency: Iowa Department of Public Health

    I AM IN CONTROL website offers information about teen health, sexuality, and relationships. Health topics include: alcohol, tobacco, drugs, body image, bullying, suicide, teen dating (violence), life skills, fitness and nutrition, teen pregnancy and sexual health.

  • Crisis Services

    Agency: Central Iowa Community Services

    CICS offer Crisis Services to anyone experiencing a crisis. Crisis services include:

    23-Hour Crisis Observation services provide support to individuals in a setting that is secure and protected, medically staffed and a psychiatrically supervised treatment environment to stabilize the situation and better assess any additional levels of c...

  • Crisis Team

    Agency: Broadlawns Medical Center

    CRISIS TEAM provides consultation and assistance for mental health emergencies. Services are available by phone or in person through our emergency department. In addition to being the initial contact to the Inpatient Psychiatric Unit, the crisis team assists clients in finding the programs and services that are the most appropriate for their needs....

  • Crisis Response

    Agency: Heartland Counseling Services, Inc.

    Assists adults and youth who are in a crisis - suicidal, homicidal, and/or psychotic. The Crisis Responder will screen all crisis calls to assess the severity of the problem. If the Crisis Responder identifies the problem as severe, the Crisis Responder will contact the Licensed Mental Health Therapist on call to request a crisis assessment be cond...

  • Crisis Response

    Agency: CenterPointe, Inc.

    Free, confidential hotline and walk-in services for suicide, mental health, or substance use crisis for adults, families and youth.

  • Psychiatric and Behavioral Health

    Agency: CHI Health Good Samaritan

    Psychiatric and behavioral health facility..

    Access Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for admission or other inquiries.  When contacting the Access Center by phone or walking in, individuals are first evaluated by a mental health professional who will identify presenting problems.  After consultation with a psychiatri...

  • Emergency Services

    Agency: Bridgeview Community Mental Health Center

    Crisis services provide a focused assessment and rapid stabilization of acute symptoms of mental illness or emotional distress and are available and accessible twenty-four hours a day.  The clinical assessment and psychotherapeutic services are provided by a mental health professional and/or staff who access a mental health professional for consult...

  • 1-800-RUNAWAY

    Agency: National Runaway Safeline

    Crisis Intervention: Operates a confidential hotline and online crisis service (live chat, emails, forum) 24/7/365. Texting is now also another option for kids in crisis to connect at 66008. A frontline team of staff and volunteers receive 40 hours of training to provide non-judgmental, non-sectarian and non-directive support, empowering callers to...

  • Turning Point

    Agency: Plains Area Mental Health Center

    Turning Point is an 8 bed crisis home that provides mental health services in a less intensive environment than an inpatient setting. The average length of stay is 3 to 5 days. The program is voluntary for those 18 and older. It aims to provide an option for 24-hour mental health care without the need for Court Commitment. Services include meeting ...

  • Mental Health Response Team

    Agency: Polk County Health Services, Inc.

    Provides counseling, support and referrals in times of crisis (individual, family, neighborhood, or community). 

  • Crisis Intervention

    Agency: CommUnity Crisis Services and Food Bank

    Provides crisis counseling 24/7. Mobile Crisis Outreach available 24/7 to residents of Johnson and Iowa counties. Crisis chat services available at and text services available 9 am-2 am.

  • Asessment, Support, and Prevention (ASAP)

    Agency: Heartland Family Service

    Licensed mental health therapists provide face-to-face risks assessments for at-risk individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse needs.

    This program is part of the Crisis Response Teams (CRT). It is known as ASAP in Cass and Sarpy Counties in Nebraska.

  • Mental Health Crisis Response Team

    Agency: Heartland Family Service

    Licensed mental health therapists provide face-to-face risk assessments for at-risk individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse needs.

  • Adult Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Seasons Center for Behavioral Health

    Seasons Centers offer Adult Psychiatry, adult individual therapy, adult couple therapy, substance use disorder services/addiction treatment, psychological testing, crisis services, Sex Offender Treatment Program, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT), Intensive Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Community Based Services, and Mobile Crisis Response Team.

  • Pediatric Behavioral Health Services

    Agency: Seasons Center for Behavioral Health

    Seasons Centers offers pediatric services including child/adolescent psychiatric services, child/adolescent therapy, autism services, substance use disorder services/addiction treatment, psychological testing, family therapy, crisis services, Mobile Crisis Response Team, Family Functional Therapy, Juvenile Court Specialty Care Coordination, and Beh...

  • Mental Health Services

    Agency: Lutheran Services in Iowa - Waterloo

    Holistic, personalized, and confidential care for all ages. Specializing in grief and trauma, abuse or neglect, anxiety and depression, ADHD, Substance abuse, Trauma Informed Care, marital and family issues, anger management, domestic violence, poverty-related stressors, attachment disorders, and foster and adoptive family support.

  • Adolescent Addiction and Co-Occurring Disorders Services

    Agency: Rosecrance Jackson Centers

    Adolescent inpatient addiction and co-occurring disorders services, crisis stabilization, PMIC

  • Child Welfare Emergency Services

    Agency: Young House Family Services

    Provides an on-call Crisis Intervention Specialist for police departments to help with family conflicts that have escalated to the point an intervention is necessary. The primary goal is to keep the family intact with safety measures in place.

  • Crisis Observation Center

    Agency: Broadlawns Medical Center

    THE CRISIS OBSERVATION CENTER is staffed by a multi-disciplinary team who provide observation and stabilization to adults experiencing a mental health crisis which cannot be safely addressed in their current home setting, but who do not require a higher level of care. Length of stay can be up to 23 hours and the Center's goal is to return individua...

  • Mobile Crisis Unit

    Agency: Broadlawns Medical Center

    BROADLAWNS MOBILE CRISIS TEAM provides community-based assessments and short term crisis management for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis. The Mobile Crisis Team is staffed with behavioral health specialists including mental health therapists, social workers and registered nurses. The team can stabilize clients in their home a...

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